Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last of January's Project 365

Jan. 31- The tooth fairy left him $6! Or tooth fairies....there are 3 in this house!
Jan. 30- Noah's Bday party with the family....he's almost 7!! After the party, Tim pulled his loose tooth...but Noah swallowed it. So Chloe wrote a note for him to put under his pillow (yep, the 5year old wrote a note for the 7 y.o.!! With help, of course.)
Jan. 29- We had a coin drive at school to raise money for people in Haiti. Each of the "non-classroom" teachers had a can. The teacher chose a silly stunt that they would do if their can had the most money. My silly stunt was to walk on my hands. Obviously, I won. My can had $124.xx and 2nd place had about $40. Guess they really wanted to see this. I walked across the stage. When I asked if that was $124 worth they said no, so I did it again. (Glad I practiced a few days before this.)
Jan. 28- PJ Day at school. Chloe took our picture. (Wow, I look like I just woke...)
Jan. 27- Every morning I go upstairs and wake up Chloe. I carry her downstairs (she doesn't wake up quickly like Noah) and she sometimes manages to sneak her blanket with her. Here she is, all cuddled up with her blanket eating breakfast.
Jan. 26-This is how I spend every afternoon from 4:00 to 4:45....exercising and watching Property Virgins.
Jan. 25- YUM! The boys wanted a peach dessert...We call it peach pudding.
Jan. 24- It has been so muddy and nasty that our driveway has been AWFUL! Ed's car bottom's out when he goes down the driveway. So he went out and shoveled the middle so it wouldn't do that anymore

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