Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last week....

Jan. 23- What's better than a day spent scrappin' with my sis????
Jan. 22-Noah took this picture of me making his lunch....just like every morning. He's getting to be quite the photographer. You know, it's kind of interesting seeing things from his angle.
Jan. 21.-Please NO MORE FOG! (Only lasted 9 days! Is this London???)
Jan. 20- Took pic of kids and a friend....won't post because it is a picture of a friend's kid...better safe than sorry.
Jan. 19- Gotta love a guy that does dishes! Nuff said!
Jan. 18- Here is Chloe all snuggled up with the fleece blanket Grandma B. got her for Christmas. It's supposed to be one to keep in the family room like Ed and I have...but she loves it so much that she sleeps with it too. As if the green blankie she's had since birth isn't enough....
Jan. 17- This is how I find Noah EVERY MORNING! I get up at 6:45 M-F and he has already eaten breakfast and is playing Wii. So I made a new rule, he has to be dressed as well. On Sat. and Sun. he plays quietly until I get out of bed. He even gets Chloe's breakfast ready (if Ronnie hasn't already). Now that's awesome!
OOPS..posted on wrong date.

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