Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Way behind on posting P365 pics!

Feb. 28- Hehe! Plumber belly! Here is Ed putting in a new faucet in the kitchen. Our faucet has been a pain in the side for over a year. I finally decided that it was worth the $150 to not have to use both hands to force it to swivel! Ugh. New faucet makes me happy!

Feb. 27- Still at Jan's...Chloe making some lunch. She wanted to help make the egg salad sandwiches.
Feb. 26- I was scrapping with my sis when I talked her into making some washer necklaces with me. We wanted some pictures of us holding up the washer necklaces. I had my 7 year old take our picture. After we looked at the pictures he took, we realized from his angle that our chins were double chins. So we had him retake the picture but we kept trying to make our chins not double chins. This was the funniest picture. Aren't we retarded!?!

Some Before and After Shots....

I hate brass! There, I said it! I hate it! I hate the color of my lamps in the living room! My solution: Spray paint. Ed spray painted them brown. I was afraid to paint the lamps so I had him spray a picture frame first. After he finished the frame, I was in love!!! I was still nervous about the lamps, but I hated the color why not! My lamps go so much better in my living room now. Much better! (Do not point out that the end tables have gold/brass/whatever....I will not like you if you do!)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Christmas Layout

Christmas 2009 with Ed's family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Pages from February

Christmas 2009-Christmas with Ed's family.
Christmas 2008-Luke and Brandon opening the gifts from us.
Christmas 2008- Alex and Alli opening gifts.

Christmas 2008 with my family.
Christmas 2008
Noah's Stocking-Christmas 2008

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Last Week of February

Feb. 25- PJ Day at school b/c we had breakfast for lunch. Noah ate his first school lunch today!
Feb. 24- This is how I found Noah reading his book.....multi-tasker!
Feb. 23- Noah's new obsession is taking photos. I got tired of him using my VERY expensive camera. Then I thought, Duh, let him use my old digital. I'm not using it anyway. So he spent the day running around taking pictures.....of everything!!
Feb. 22- Chloe spent the day at a friend's house (while Noah and I were at school). She was invited to a Tea Party Birthday Party. She had so much fun!

Feb. 21- Mmmmmm!!!! I love no-baker cookies. They never last at our house. We eat them with spoons while they are still warm.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One Week in Feb...

Feb. 20- We had to get the house clean for a church party....when I asked Noah to clean his train tracks in the living room. He hid. But I caught him! LOL! Ok, really, he was just hiding from me trying to get a picture. (Didn't the first story sound better? I hate it when people hide from a camera...especially my little people.)
Feb. 19- Tonight was the Father Daughter Dance at school. Chloe isn't in school but we invited some younger siblings of friends who were going....she dressed up in her princess dress.
Feb. 18- This is how I spent an hour today while the house was peaceful...playing Wii MarioKart. I know, it's an obsession. That stinker Noah has unlocked more than me! So I had to catch up to him....nope, we aren't competitive at all :). I had to set the timer for this picture..HA!
Feb. 17- Noah reading a bedtime story to us. Though I'm not sure some of this non-fiction stuff makes good bedtime story material...
Feb. 16- Evidence of how much a brother loves a sister....he had a mailbox for his valentine's and I didn't have time to decorate her' Noah did it for her. Isn't he sweet?
Feb.15- I'm a firm believer in having the kids help around the house. Most of the time the like to help me anyway. I know this will change when they are teens. So I'm enjoying my cheerful workers while I can ;)

Feb. 14- Ronnie made this chocolate chip cookie in my heart pan....Yummy! Didn't need it, but it sure tasted good.