Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Last Week of February

Feb. 25- PJ Day at school b/c we had breakfast for lunch. Noah ate his first school lunch today!
Feb. 24- This is how I found Noah reading his book.....multi-tasker!
Feb. 23- Noah's new obsession is taking photos. I got tired of him using my VERY expensive camera. Then I thought, Duh, let him use my old digital. I'm not using it anyway. So he spent the day running around taking pictures.....of everything!!
Feb. 22- Chloe spent the day at a friend's house (while Noah and I were at school). She was invited to a Tea Party Birthday Party. She had so much fun!

Feb. 21- Mmmmmm!!!! I love no-baker cookies. They never last at our house. We eat them with spoons while they are still warm.

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