Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Way behind on posting P365 pics!

Feb. 28- Hehe! Plumber belly! Here is Ed putting in a new faucet in the kitchen. Our faucet has been a pain in the side for over a year. I finally decided that it was worth the $150 to not have to use both hands to force it to swivel! Ugh. New faucet makes me happy!

Feb. 27- Still at Jan's...Chloe making some lunch. She wanted to help make the egg salad sandwiches.
Feb. 26- I was scrapping with my sis when I talked her into making some washer necklaces with me. We wanted some pictures of us holding up the washer necklaces. I had my 7 year old take our picture. After we looked at the pictures he took, we realized from his angle that our chins were double chins. So we had him retake the picture but we kept trying to make our chins not double chins. This was the funniest picture. Aren't we retarded!?!

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