Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last of January's Project 365

Jan. 31- The tooth fairy left him $6! Or tooth fairies....there are 3 in this house!
Jan. 30- Noah's Bday party with the family....he's almost 7!! After the party, Tim pulled his loose tooth...but Noah swallowed it. So Chloe wrote a note for him to put under his pillow (yep, the 5year old wrote a note for the 7 y.o.!! With help, of course.)
Jan. 29- We had a coin drive at school to raise money for people in Haiti. Each of the "non-classroom" teachers had a can. The teacher chose a silly stunt that they would do if their can had the most money. My silly stunt was to walk on my hands. Obviously, I won. My can had $124.xx and 2nd place had about $40. Guess they really wanted to see this. I walked across the stage. When I asked if that was $124 worth they said no, so I did it again. (Glad I practiced a few days before this.)
Jan. 28- PJ Day at school. Chloe took our picture. (Wow, I look like I just woke...)
Jan. 27- Every morning I go upstairs and wake up Chloe. I carry her downstairs (she doesn't wake up quickly like Noah) and she sometimes manages to sneak her blanket with her. Here she is, all cuddled up with her blanket eating breakfast.
Jan. 26-This is how I spend every afternoon from 4:00 to 4:45....exercising and watching Property Virgins.
Jan. 25- YUM! The boys wanted a peach dessert...We call it peach pudding.
Jan. 24- It has been so muddy and nasty that our driveway has been AWFUL! Ed's car bottom's out when he goes down the driveway. So he went out and shoveled the middle so it wouldn't do that anymore

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last week....

Jan. 23- What's better than a day spent scrappin' with my sis????
Jan. 22-Noah took this picture of me making his lunch....just like every morning. He's getting to be quite the photographer. You know, it's kind of interesting seeing things from his angle.
Jan. 21.-Please NO MORE FOG! (Only lasted 9 days! Is this London???)
Jan. 20- Took pic of kids and a friend....won't post because it is a picture of a friend's kid...better safe than sorry.
Jan. 19- Gotta love a guy that does dishes! Nuff said!
Jan. 18- Here is Chloe all snuggled up with the fleece blanket Grandma B. got her for Christmas. It's supposed to be one to keep in the family room like Ed and I have...but she loves it so much that she sleeps with it too. As if the green blankie she's had since birth isn't enough....
Jan. 17- This is how I find Noah EVERY MORNING! I get up at 6:45 M-F and he has already eaten breakfast and is playing Wii. So I made a new rule, he has to be dressed as well. On Sat. and Sun. he plays quietly until I get out of bed. He even gets Chloe's breakfast ready (if Ronnie hasn't already). Now that's awesome!
OOPS..posted on wrong date.

Jan. 16

Jan. 16- Ok, seriously, who makes homemade ice cream in the dead of winter when it's EXTREMELY cold??? Ed and Ronnie! But it was yummy....and didn't help with my Wii Fit program.

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Project 365 Pics

Jan. 15- My new haircut...not much shorter but it needed to be cut...was looking raggedy.
Jan 14- Chloe pouring milk for supper. Isaac and Alex were here (thus 4 cups) while Tim hung the last doors in the basement.

Bonus Jan. 13 pic....How does a 6 year old boy read? Just like that!
Jan. 13- We went to Aldi to stock up on groceries. Then on the way home we stopped and ate Chinese buffet...YUMMY! The kids helped me put away groceries.

Jan. 12- Here we are playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Wii. I must have been shocked...look at the look on my face. We had fun! As I'd get closer to the finish line, I'd get closer to the TV. Then nobody else could see. I didn't see a problem with that. LOL!
Jan. 11.....picture of Noah's haircut. But I won't post because he was in the tub. Nothing shows but...just to be on the safe side, I'm not posting it here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

How I Store My Cricut Carts

This is a ribbon box I got from Joann. The blue separator tray was in a different box I got at Target. The Target one had 2 trays the size of the top tray.
The bottom tray holds my overlays and some of the books. I used the Cricut cart Tags, Bags and Boxes to make the green tabs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scrappin' Some Oldies

I found some pictures from 2006 that I never scrapped (GASP!). So I whipped together some quick layouts. These pictures were taken August 24. This is Chris and Madison (friends), my nephew and my 2 kids.

Jan 9 and 10

Jan. 9- When we got the Wii Fit for Christmas, I was overweight UGH! Today, I am normal! (well, normal is such a relative word!) So I am gradually working off those extra Christmas pounds.
Jan. 10- I don't know why but my kids have a new fascination with my iPod shuffle. Chloe went to lay down "to rest" and fell asleep listening to my iPod. How cute! (I just noticed how the shuffle is showing perfectly in the picture...I did not stage that!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 5th- 8th

Jan. 5- WHAT!?! That's not my initials!!! NOAH! You are so we had a conversation about forgery and being honest. Sheesh... the kid's only in 1st grade and he's already signing my initials! (At least he didn't miss any;)! )
Jan.6 -Chloe is playing Rhythm Parade on Wii Fit Plus. You know, it's funny, I debated for days about buying the Wii Fit....just didn't think we'd use it. Well, it's the only thing I do (min. of 40 mins. per day) and the kids LOVE it! It is the most played thing....what was the debate!?! LOL!
Jan. 7-We are some crazy house cleaners today. Noah insisted that he needed to take a picture (or 20) so he took this picture of me filling the dispenser on the dishwasher. We scrubbed the entire kitchen. Chloe scrubbed the cabinets. I scrubbed the walls...we scrubbed everything.
Jan 8- This boy needs a haircut! This is the longest his hair has ever been! Seriously! But he doesn't want to cut it. He loves putting gel in it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 4th Project 365 picture

Jan. 4- Noah and Chloe are playing a Thomas board game. They enjoyed the last day of vacation before Noah went back to school. I had to go to work that day. They stayed home with Ed. He took the day off work and stayed home with them.

Project 365

So last year a lot of scrappers participated in Project 365. The object is to take a picture every day and make a 2 page LO of each week. At the end of the year, you will have a year done. So I am trying it this year.
January 1st- Barely Jan. 1! Kissing my honey!

Jan. 2- Winter cleaning! You can look at it like this: I am either getting a jump on 2010 Spring Cleaning or I am WAY behind on 2009 Spring Cleaning....LOL. Chloe and Noah helped all day. Chloe spent about 50 mins. scrubbing the upstairs bathroom. It was really shiny when she was finished. (Nope, you can't borrow her!) Jan. 3- I spent a relaxing day at home. As part of a relaxing day, that means some time in the Happy Place (aka Scrap room). The kids usually hang out with me there. Here they are looking at their scrapbooks. At least they enjoy all of my hard work documenting our lives.