Monday, January 25, 2010

More Project 365 Pics

Jan. 15- My new haircut...not much shorter but it needed to be cut...was looking raggedy.
Jan 14- Chloe pouring milk for supper. Isaac and Alex were here (thus 4 cups) while Tim hung the last doors in the basement.

Bonus Jan. 13 pic....How does a 6 year old boy read? Just like that!
Jan. 13- We went to Aldi to stock up on groceries. Then on the way home we stopped and ate Chinese buffet...YUMMY! The kids helped me put away groceries.

Jan. 12- Here we are playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Wii. I must have been shocked...look at the look on my face. We had fun! As I'd get closer to the finish line, I'd get closer to the TV. Then nobody else could see. I didn't see a problem with that. LOL!
Jan. 11.....picture of Noah's haircut. But I won't post because he was in the tub. Nothing shows but...just to be on the safe side, I'm not posting it here.

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