Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 5th- 8th

Jan. 5- WHAT!?! That's not my initials!!! NOAH! You are so we had a conversation about forgery and being honest. Sheesh... the kid's only in 1st grade and he's already signing my initials! (At least he didn't miss any;)! )
Jan.6 -Chloe is playing Rhythm Parade on Wii Fit Plus. You know, it's funny, I debated for days about buying the Wii Fit....just didn't think we'd use it. Well, it's the only thing I do (min. of 40 mins. per day) and the kids LOVE it! It is the most played thing....what was the debate!?! LOL!
Jan. 7-We are some crazy house cleaners today. Noah insisted that he needed to take a picture (or 20) so he took this picture of me filling the dispenser on the dishwasher. We scrubbed the entire kitchen. Chloe scrubbed the cabinets. I scrubbed the walls...we scrubbed everything.
Jan 8- This boy needs a haircut! This is the longest his hair has ever been! Seriously! But he doesn't want to cut it. He loves putting gel in it.


Sarah Lou said...

Just surfed across you, love your lay outs.

PS hate hate hate the rhythm parade, I just cant get it right!!

SheriB said...

Thanks Sarah...I can't get that rhythm parade either!