Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Scrap Pages Completed

Was going to upload a bunch of pages but my internet is too slow!! So enjoy this one :)
Christmas 08 for Chlo's book. I added some journaling after I took the picture.

Here is the stack of all 22 pages I completed! Love adding dimension but it sure makes my albums fat too fast!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 9 - 13

Feb. 13- After a trip to the local resale shop...I found a magnetic/bulletin board board that was perfect for the job chart I want to make. But the frame was scratched so it needed some sanding. I sanded a bit and then the dear hubby couldn't take it...he had to take control of the sand paper. LOL!

Feb 12- Today was the Little Man's V-Day party at school. What fun! (black splotch on picture is last name blotted out for
Feb. 11- Back to school today....Do you like my necklace and earring holder? I love it...no more tangled necklaces. Ed drilled the holes for me and I finally got it hung on the wall. I started this project in December!!
Feb. 10- Another snow day! I was a sewing machine today! LOL! I sewed a ton of projects. I was making by bed and looked down at our bed skirt that has been ripped for MONTHS! So I decided today was the day to fix it. So I wrestled our king size mattress off of the bed and sewed my bed skirt. I figured while I was at it...I sewed a taggie (inspired by http://scrapsnstrings.blogspot.com), sewed a scarf for Chloe (have had this material for 3 years), and sewed some handles for Ed's exercise straps. Go me!

Feb 9- Another snow day! Yay! So we enjoyed a day at home. My bro calls me in the evening and asks if his boys can spend the evening while he goes to a visitation. Sure....he calls me a few hours later. Wants to know if they can stay longer so he can go to a Texas Hold 'em Tournament. He'll give me $10 or 10%...hmmm....I say, "10%" and he says,"but if I lose you get nothing." I responded, "Then I'll be right back to where I am now...I'll take the chance." He said, "Leave the boys on the sofa and I'll come in and get them." So they fell asleep just like this on the sofa. Cute! BTW, the next morning I had $25 on the kitchen counter ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8

Christmas 08-one of the pages I did over the weekend.

Feb. 8- Snow Day! No school! Isaac and Alex here today...so of course they all wanted to go play in the snow. Tim didn't send any snow clothes with his kids. Alex didn't even wear socks! So I scrounged around for some snow suits. I found a 6x that fit Isaac and I had 3 3T ones...no go for Alex. Anyway, they had fun in the snow.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 365 Feb. 1-8

Thought you might want to see something a little crafty after all the P365 pics...This is one of the pictures I completed this weekend. These pictures were taken Christmas Eve.
Feb. 7- I got home and the kids were so happy to see me. It's good to be missed.
Feb. 6- Scrapped all day. Well, until about 6 pm when I got a terrible headache. So I went to bed at 7:30 pm and slept until 7:30 am. I finished 22 pages this weekend. Not too bad...
Feb. 5- The plan was to leave at 10:00 to go scrappin'....well, the secretary at school calls me at 10:00 and said the birthday boy is throwing up in the nurse's office. What!?! I just so happened to be at the end of the driveway. So I went and got him. I sat at home for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do. I called Mom (I was supposed to be taking Chloe there) and she said she'd take the sick boy. (Isn't she the best? Thanks Mom!) So I drove the treacherous roads to meet my friend, Cheri. She drove the hour trip (well, it took a little longer in the snow). We arrived at the cabin and we had to move some furniture so all 6 of us had places to scrap...I had to move this big guy....yeah, I know, you were wondering how a caribou fit in the day's events, weren't you? The rest of the day was spent scrappin'!
Feb. 4- I took a personal day and stayed home with Chloe. I had a lot of stuff to do before I heading out for my scrapping weekend. Chloe insisted that I play a few games of Jenga and Skip-Bo. So I sorted pictures while playing...now that's multi-tasking!
Feb. 3- We celebrated Noah's birthday with a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese's. Fun!
Feb. 2- After much research, I decided that Wii EA Sports Active was a good workout "game" for me and Ed to do together. Ed stopped at the store and bought it today. As soon as he got home, we put on our exercise clothes and got with it. It was HARD. I thought my legs were going to collapse a couple of times. I was sore the next day.
Feb. 1- Chloe wanted to have a tea party. Little did she know that Grams (my grandma) had made me a set YEARS ago. So I got the box down. Noah came into The Happy Place just as she was getting the dishes out of the box. He was the waiter. LOL!