Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 9 - 13

Feb. 13- After a trip to the local resale shop...I found a magnetic/bulletin board board that was perfect for the job chart I want to make. But the frame was scratched so it needed some sanding. I sanded a bit and then the dear hubby couldn't take it...he had to take control of the sand paper. LOL!

Feb 12- Today was the Little Man's V-Day party at school. What fun! (black splotch on picture is last name blotted out for
Feb. 11- Back to school today....Do you like my necklace and earring holder? I love more tangled necklaces. Ed drilled the holes for me and I finally got it hung on the wall. I started this project in December!!
Feb. 10- Another snow day! I was a sewing machine today! LOL! I sewed a ton of projects. I was making by bed and looked down at our bed skirt that has been ripped for MONTHS! So I decided today was the day to fix it. So I wrestled our king size mattress off of the bed and sewed my bed skirt. I figured while I was at it...I sewed a taggie (inspired by, sewed a scarf for Chloe (have had this material for 3 years), and sewed some handles for Ed's exercise straps. Go me!

Feb 9- Another snow day! Yay! So we enjoyed a day at home. My bro calls me in the evening and asks if his boys can spend the evening while he goes to a visitation. Sure....he calls me a few hours later. Wants to know if they can stay longer so he can go to a Texas Hold 'em Tournament. He'll give me $10 or 10%...hmmm....I say, "10%" and he says,"but if I lose you get nothing." I responded, "Then I'll be right back to where I am now...I'll take the chance." He said, "Leave the boys on the sofa and I'll come in and get them." So they fell asleep just like this on the sofa. Cute! BTW, the next morning I had $25 on the kitchen counter ;)

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