Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Etched Glasses

Don't you hate it when you can't remember which glass is yours???
 Yeah, me, too! 

So I decided to create this set of glasses for our family "Dirty Santa" Game.

( My family plays "Dirty Santa" every year instead of buying everybody a gift.  Every year I try to create a gift that someone (or more than one person) will want.  If you have ever played "Dirty Santa" then you know that when it is your turn you can chose a new gift or steal from someone else.  Well, this year, my etched glasses were chosen, first, stolen and then immediately stolen again!! )

I put each adult's birthday on a large glass and each grandkid's birthday on a small glass.  Super cool, right?!  Yeah, I think so, too!

That's me.....5-12.  My mom is on the right...9-28! :)

So when someone comes to your house, they may not know the significance of the number on the glass but they will remember which number they had. :)

So here's how to do it:

1.  Buy some cheap glasses.  Wash them!  (Don't skip this step.  The etching cream works better is you wash the glasses.)

2.  Cut a stencil using your Cricut (or other die cutting system) and vinyl

I used my computer to design it first.

3.  Remove the outside of the vinyl.  You won't need the numbers and letters.

You can see where I left behind the letters and numbers.  See our birthdays! :)

4.  Put the vinyl on the glass.  This may be tricky depending on the shape of your glass.  Don't forget the insides of the "o" and "6" and all that. :) 
See, I still need the inside of the "O".

5.  "Paint" on the etching cream with a brush.  Leave on for 5 minutes.
This is my lovely assistant. :)

6.  Rinse off with water.  Remove stencil.  There you go....Amazing glasses!!

You could do this for important numbers for you numbers where you lived, anniversary, etc.

Glad it was a hit for the family. (My dad gave me money to make him a set for him and Mom since they were stolen from him.)  Now, you go create your own!

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Organized Island said...

Oh the cricut looks like so much fun. Love your etched glasses - they came out great!