Monday, April 30, 2012

Make It Monday...

 So I have had these canisters for years and some people (won't mention any names) can't tell what's in them.  So, thanks to pinterest, I found a way to label these guys.
I found this idea from Mom 4 Real through pinterest.  So the kids helped with taking the canisters out of the cabinet.
 I cut some black vinyl using my Epic 6 and some labels from Lifestyle Crafts.  Then I used this tutorial here to mix the chalkboard paint.  Of course, my lovely assistants were there for the painting.
 Paint 3 coats.  (They lost the patience after the 2nd coat and left me.)
Ta-da!  Now we can tell what some of those mysterious white powders are!  (Not that I ever would mistake baking soda for baking powder!  Right, Mom?!)

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