Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 6-10

March 10- Spring is coming! The kids are able to ride their scooters outside and enjoy the slightly warmer temps.
March 9- I am determined to finish cross stitching this Christmas stocking by next Christmas. I need to finish outlining and add a name to the top. I'm thinking about just putting Mom at the top then I can pass it on to one of the kids. After all it's taken over 7 years to cross stitch this!

March 8- Hanging out at home tonight. Chloe and I curled up under Daddy's fleece blanket for some TV watchin'.March 7- Today we went to McDonald's after church. On Friday, Noah was MVP of the week and got a free happy meal. I was excited he finally got it!
March 6- Chloe sometimes wants to do "homework" so I get out something for her to do. I have a kit where she listens to a tape and then follows the directions. She enjoys it....hope she enjoys kindergarten next year as much :)

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