Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SWEET: NYC Pages 2 & 3

Here is page 2 of my NYC & DC trip. We stopped in Hershey, PA and and went to Chocolate World. It was a pretty cool place to spend a few hours.  We loved the little tour! Cute!
I included a postcard from Hershey, PA and our parking ticket.  Great way to include things from the trip! :)
Page 2: Chocolate World
 I love the picture of Noah & Chloe in front of Chocolate World.  The picture had to be cut to 3" x 4" to fit in the pocket.  I didn't want to cut it at first but I think I really like it like that! <3 br="" it="">
Page 3: Chocolate World
 I think the Hershey's bar is as big as she is!  LOL!
Page 3: Close-up of the "Sweet"
The "Sweet" was cut from Tim Holtz Block Talk and pressed into an ink pad!  I am getting lots of use out of that die!  (I was so super excited to find that die at a Joann store for $10!!)

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