Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scrap Pages From Saturday

So I went to a friend's house on Saturday to scrapbook. There were 8 of us scrapping, chatting and having a good ol' time. I only finished 5 pages (the 6th one needs some finishing touches) but I had fun anyway.
You might recognize these pictures from earlier in my blog :) I finally got them developed and scrapped them! The flowers and stem are covered in glitter. This goes next to the page above. I didn't have another chipboard "l" so I cut one out on the cricut....it matches the "love" at the bottom of the page. I learned something on this page....In between the pictures you might notice a white flourish...well...I stamped that on a clear acrylic heart and stamped it and dumped embossing powder on it. Then I proceeded to heat it with the embossing gun....welll....plastic melts! Duh! So it kind of crinkled. OH, well, just adds a little dimension! HA!This page was number five so the page next to it isn't finished yet :) The 3 snowflakes are covered in glitter! (Love that stuff....in spite of the mess!) These pictures were taken on November 30. The kids got up Sunday morn and realized it snowed. So they put on their snow clothes and we played in the snow before going to church. I had on my pjs and Ed's waders and my coat! Bet I looked hysterical....and nope....no pics of that!
Here are the kids playing Guitar Hero on October 27. Too funny!

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DeeTee said...

Love the grow layout and the rest for that matter : )