Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scary Day!

I took Chloe to a dermatoligist today for these raised spots on the inside of her right thigh, the outside of her left thigh and 2 "bumps" on her belly. I had been to her pediatrician in January and he didn't know what it was but prescribed some cream that did NOTHING! Mom convinced me to go see a dermatoligist. The doctor looked at her legs and thought it was "significant" and thought she would need a biopsy. He also thought I should see another derm. down the hall. So off we went to the 2nd dr. She got us right in and looked and looked. She left for a moment and came back with a 3rd dr.! He looked and they talked for a few moments about what it definitely wasn't. They think that it is just the way her skin is in that place, kinda like a birthmark, that her skin formed that way in the womb. It is not on the surface or 1st layer of her skin (which I knew and that's why no cream worked and why I knew it wasn't an allergy) but in the 2nd layer of her skin. Which is how I described it to people, like the bumps were under her skin and pushing up on the skin! LOL! The 3rd dr. said, from the point of view of a dad, that her suitors will never notice and when she gets a tan she will just have to put some tan cream on it because it probably won't tan. :) (I bet he is a great daddy with the way he thinks!:) )They gave me the number of a pediatric derm. to call. So while my mind is at rest and and I can stop panicking after hearing a "significant" problem, I may schedule another appt. just to give my mind some assurance that my baby girl is OK!

UPDATE: I was fixing my hair the other day and looked in the mirror and guess what I saw!! I have those same bumps on my left arm really close to my armpit. I had noticed them a long time ago but forgot about them because you just don't look at that part of your arm often. So I guess the derm. guy was is hereditary and she got them from me!!

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